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Important Guess Papers

Inter Board Karachi (Science) 2011-2012

Exams have never become easy!
The added Guess Papers will aid you to attempt Examination paper fully and to get success in it.

Guess Papers for Class XI

Guess Papers for Class XII

1st Year Science new

2nd Year Science new

English new
Urdu new
Islamiat new
Botany (Optional) new
Zoology (Optional ) new
Chemistry (Optional) new
Mathematics (Optional) new
Physics (Optional) new

English new
Urdu new
Pakistan Studies new
Botany (Optional) new
Zoology (Optional) new
Mathematics (Optional) new
Physics (Optional) new
Chemistry (Optional) new

Class 2nd Year Physics Guess Paper Science

Important Numericals:

  1. A Carnot Engine whose low temperature reservoir is at 200K has an effeciency of 50%. It is desired to increase this to 75%s. by how much degrees must the temperature be decressed, If higher temperature of the reservoir remains constant?
  2. A photon of Wavelength 4x10-13m in the vicinity of a heavy nucleus produces an electron-positron pair. Find the Kinetic Energy of each particle if the kinetic enrgy of positron is twice of the electron?
  3. A copper wire of 1.571 x 10(power2)m is used as a shunt in an ammeter of range 5amp which is obtained by modifying a galvanometer of resistance 19.8 ohm. if the radius of copper wire is 2mm then calculate the current which produce full scale deflection in galvanometer. (for copper resisitivity is 1. x 10 -8?
  4. A capacitor of 200PF is charged to a potential of 100 volts. its plates are then connected in parallel to another capacitor and is found that potential difference between the plates falls to 0 valts. What is the capacitance of the second capacitor?
  5. What is the e.m.f. of the cell when a resistance of 2ohms is connected across the terminals of a cell, the current is 0.5A, but when the resistance across the cell is 5ohm the current is 0.25 A?
  6. Sodium (11Na23) has an atomic mass of 22.989u. find the total binding energy of the sodium nucleus and estimate the binding energy per nucleon?

Important Questions:

Chapter 11:

  1. Molar specific heat
  2. Cp-Cv=R
  3. B=3a
  4. 1st law of thermodynamics (with processes)
  5. 2nd law of thermodynamics
  6. Describe Isobaric and Adiabatic process with graphical representation?
  7. Equate the clausius and kelvin statements
  8. Equate the entropy and 2nd law of thermodynamics
  9. Define co-efficient of Linear and Cubical expension with unis. Also show that coeffecient of linear expension is equal to the one third of coeffeient of cubical expension?
  10. P=1/3pV2
  11. K.E is directly proportional to Temperature
  12. Prove acoccording to the KMT that (P is inversly proportial to 1/v), PV=nRT

Chapter 12:

  1. Gauss's law and (its prove)
  2. Application of the Gauss's law (spherical charged shell, infinite sheet of charges, two oppositively charged plates)
  3. Factors effecting on the capacitance of the capacitor
  4. Electric Flux
  5. Capacitors (in series and parallel)
  6. Coulumb's law

Chapter 13:

  1. Resistivity
  2. Temperature coefficient
  3. e.m.f with its derivation
  4. Resistance (in series and parallel)
  5. Ohm's law with its limitation


Chapter 14:

  1. F=Bsintheta
  2. JJ Thomson's Experiment
  3. Derivation for B, A.C generator
  4. Laws of electromagnetic induction
  5. Mutual Induction
  6. Self Induction
  7. Ampere's circular law with ots application
  8. Lenz's law
  9. Magnetic flux
  10. Motional e.m.f
  11. F=qvB
  12. Power loss in transformer

Chapter 15:

  1. Galvanometer
  2. Ammeter and Voltmeter
  3. Factors effecting on the sensitivity of the galvanometer
  4. Voltmeter
  5. Wheat stone bridge
  6. Construction and working of galvanometer

Chapter 16:

  1. Diode as a rectifier
  2. P type, n type
  3. Semi conductor
  4. Forward bias, Reversed bias
  5. Band theory

Chapter 17:

  1. Compton effect
  2. Theory of relativity with its consequence
  3. Einstien results for the photo electric equation

Chapter 18:

  1. Derivation of enrgy level diagram
  2. Bohr's X-ray production
  3. Laser, ruby laser

Chapter 19:

  1. Exponential equation of the radioactive decay
  2. Law of radioactive decay
  3. Half life
  4. Fission and fusion
  5. Nuclear reactor
  6. Mass defect
  7. Binding Energy

Chapter 20:

  1. Geiger mular counter

Guesspapers Inter Board Karachi for Class XI, XII, (1st, 2nd Year) Science, Arts and Commerce Group Exams Guess Papers 2011, 2012, Karachi, Pakistan

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